Call routing Products

  • Basic Number Translation: This allows you to point any number to any destination.
  • Fax to Email: Receive a Fax to your email address.
  • Time of day routing: Route calls to different destinations at different times of the day.
  • Finder: A Call will attempt to connect to different destinations until the call is answered, if not answered then routed to voicemail.
  • Menu: (Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for Accounts) This allows the caller to direct the call to the appropriate department.
  • Whispers: This option plays a short message to the receiving party to Identify the nature of the call.
  • Conference Facility: Enables the customer to use conferencing services, both inbound and outbound.
  • Operator Queues and Positional Messages: Play positional or time left in queue messages in the operator queue.
  • Bespoke IVR: ITR’s bespoke IVR is the jewel in the crown of our IVR services as it allows our customers to configure an IVR service to do pretty much anything they want. Also incorporating all of the above call routing products.
  • Having instant access to online statistics, live wall boards, call recordings etc.. And the ability to allow our clients access to view our performance on their lines has been a vital element in our continued success.

    Answer-4u have been working alongside Intelligent Telecoms Routing for over 8 years now and the constant development of their portal has fundamentally given our business a huge USP in our market place.

    David Chapman

    Customer Service Director at Answer-4u

  • Intelligent Telecoms Routing have trained us in building and using their cloud based IVR’s , we are fully in control and can route calls to any of our local and international sites as business dictates.

    Adrian Church

    IT Manager

  • 'For over 10 years Intelligent Telecoms Routing have been our chosen provider of switchboard software, and have helped us to grow as a business through listening to our needs and working closely with us.

    Intelligent Telecoms Routing provide a reliable service, undertake continual development and innovation with their systems to benefit their customers and deliver their service with a friendly, customer focused approach.’

    Ken Byng

    Senior Manager, Car Take Back

  • The team at Intelligent Telecoms Routing have provided a great, intuitive platform which allows me to route calls to any number I choose. This gives me great confidence as in the event of a disaster, calls can quickly be directed to another location!

    They took time out to understand my needs and gave recommendations on how to setup the system which allows me to manage it myself going forwards.

    They are always on the end of the phone when I need anything clarifying and respond to emails in a quick and efficient manner.

    Sanjay Mavji

    Head of ICT, sk:n Limited

  • We have been customers for over 9 years and I have always found Intelligent Telecoms Routing to be a company you can trust with your communication needs.

    They have an innovative approach to finding solutions tailored to your specific requirements and will deliver them to a coordinated plan.

    The team at Intelligent Telecoms Routing have assisted ROM Group through some challenging projects where delivery and quality were of paramount importance.

    I feel we have a partner that understands what I need and what my Business needs.

    Kevin Parker ROM Group IT Manager

    ROM Ltd