New thinking, new possibilities.

How many conversations are you missing?

The Conversational AI is proven to sell more, while reducing costs. You only know about the customers that contact you, or who are
willing to wait to connect with an agent. Don’t let any business slip away and generate more sales by letting it speak with the ones that
you aren’t getting to. The more the Conversational AI works, the more successful it becomes. The Conversational AI’s algorithm works out the most likely response to achieve its goals and is always improving.

Always on, our Conversational AI is 24/7

Doing business doesn’t need to be saved for opening hours. Let your customers connect with your business at a time that suits them without you having the staffing headache. Our Conversational AI uses natural language and answers in your brand tone, meaning your customers get a consistently excellent experience.

It isn’t just a ‘chat bot’

Once plugged in, our Conversational AI will work to learn your business, further develop its industry sector knowledge, and will
intelligently output information instantly. It lives in the cloud and is having hundreds of thousands of conversations right now (using
content knowledge, verbal reasoning to understand structure, slang and context). Let our Conversational AI intelligently handle
conversations, seamlessly handing off to your agents if needed, on any channel.


  • 1. GDPR Compliant.
  • 2. Natural language conversations.
  • 3. Our conversational AI will learn and retain your content – the more it chats the more intelligent it becomes.
  • 4. Responses are not predefined.
  • 5. Knows who and how to ask for help in your company.
  • 6. Available 24/7.
  • 7. Single dashboard view of performance and reporting.
  • 8. Seamless transfer to other channels and detailed handover to agents.


  • 1. Increase customer engagement.
  • 2. Increase and maximise sales leads.
  • 3. Increase employee satisfaction.
  • 4. Reduce peak time pressures in the contact centre.
  • 5. Allow agents to spend time on complex or high value interactions.
  • 6. Customers can connect with you whenever they want.

Our Conversational AI

Artificial intelligence is a set of emerging technologies that will revolutionise the way customers engage with online support. However, not all AI systems are created equal.

We’d like to introduce you our conversational AI that will transform your online customer experience and deliver highly qualified leads to your sales teams.

The first thing you need to know about our AI is that it’s not just another chatbot. Chatbots provide prescribed responses to pre-loaded questions. They engage in question and answer exchanges, they don’t think outside the box and they aren’t capable of holding a fluid conversation.

The conversational AI is capable of reading and contextualising the information on your website before engaging in meaningful dialogue with users. The conversational AI learns from historical interactions to deliver content that is outcome driven and will serve information tailored to user profiles and preferences.

The more interactions the conversational engages in, the more it learns; aggregating knowledge and experience to deliver consistent, accurate and contextually relevant information. The conversational AI is capable of holding thousands of simultaneous conversations, but it also knows when it’s time to pass a customer over to an experienced sales or contact centre agent.

We believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) will never replace person-to-person interaction. However, it will help improve and inform those interactions, transforming your contact centre and driving more effective engagement.

AI may lack the essential emotional intelligence that makes us human, but it delivers improvements in business process optimisation, agent productivity and customer experience. It frees up time that could be spent upskilling agents and allows them to focus on what they
do best, engaging with customers.

The conversational AI is inexpensive and simple to deploy across your digital estate with just a snippet of code.

  • Having instant access to online statistics, live wall boards, call recordings etc.. And the ability to allow our clients access to view our performance on their lines has been a vital element in our continued success.

    Answer-4u have been working alongside Intelligent Telecoms Routing for over 8 years now and the constant development of their portal has fundamentally given our business a huge USP in our market place.

    David Chapman

    Customer Service Director at Answer-4u

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    Adrian Church

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    Ken Byng

    Senior Manager, Car Take Back

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    They took time out to understand my needs and gave recommendations on how to setup the system which allows me to manage it myself going forwards.

    They are always on the end of the phone when I need anything clarifying and respond to emails in a quick and efficient manner.

    Sanjay Mavji

    Head of ICT, sk:n Limited

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    ROM Ltd