Hosted Call Centre Solutions

The virtual call centre enables your company to handle inbound calls to one or multiple access numbers at several geographically independent locations. Homes and offices can easily be a part of a virtual call centre. There are no limits to how many telephone numbers can be part of a call centre.

This service makes it possible for a company to use a varying number of members of staff depending on the call volume, at one or multiple geographic independent locations. This service is especially targeted at companies with high focus on answering a large volume of inbound calls. The above is all achieved without the need to purchase any additional equipment and has been proven to be more cost effective than traditional hardware based solutions linked to wide area networks.

Key Benefits of Marketing Numbers (08xx)

  • 08xx Numbers proven to increase number of calls into your business.
  • One contact number for your entire business
  • Increase the call answer rate of your company (with Network Queuing)
  • Measure the return on investment on your marketing campaigns accurately by comparing 
cost: calls
  • View the regional impact of your advertising campaigns (with free reports)
  • Monitor the specific responses to your media campaigns
  • Disaster Recovery, ensures constant incoming calls if BT line goes down by forwarding to 
number or numbers of your choice (including standby call centre also available from

Key Features of the Virtual Call Centre Solution

Hosted and Managed Services

  • Full Range of Non Geographic Numbers
  • Web Based Management Statistics
  • Network IVR Consultancy
  • Design and implementation of call management platforms
  • Full 24/7 support team
  • Number porting agreements with leading telecoms providers
  • Audio Branding Consultancy
  • On-site digital recording studio
  • Extensive Library of musical styles fully licensed – Copyright free
  • Choice of male and female voices
  • Professional scripting service with regular updates
  • Ongoing Marketing advice with your project manger

Multi-site Locator 
Area routing is a fantastic way of being able to use just one number to connect callers to your multi- site locations spread around the UK. Many companies who have multiple locations use a lot of valuable advertising space by listing all stores phone numbers and opening times. Using area routing plans, any company can use a single one number to promote their business, whether it’s a newspaper advert, a magazine insert, or a full-blown radio or TV advertising campaign. Not only will the caller be routed to their nearest store but if that particular store is busy they can leave a message, be directed to the next nearest location or even choose an option to be called back. The area routing plan can also be used to direct calls for your day-to-day business allowing you maximise your resources with an overflow system for busy periods. You can define where they go so if you want calls from Scotland to go to London point you can it is completely customisable. Rules can also be applied to mobiles.

Area Routing 
Area routing is based on our knowledge of what telephone numbers are located in which areas. Based on this we route calls on different regional specifications. When using area routing our platform recognises CLI (customer line identification) and checks which area it belongs to.
Phone calls are then connected to the office that is located closest to the caller. This ensures that the caller is connected to the local office despite the use of a non-geographic number (08xx). Area routing works for both landline and mobile phone calls (subject to rules).

Skill Based Routing 
The functionality related to the skill based routing ensures that the appropriate person with the skills to answer the particular question answers the caller or that has answered that particular call before. This functionality enables efficient utilisation of the human resources through routing calls efficiently. All agents/members of staff can belong to one or multiple skill groups, both primary and secondary groups. The supervisor allocates agents/members of staff to different groups and changes them according to need.

Call Back in Queue 
This module allows callers when prompted to request a call back. The call then continues to queue when it gets to the point where it would normally be answered the VCC calls back the caller based on their CLI and is connected to the agent.

Call Transfer and consultation call 
This module enables your staff to manually transfer calls to another member of staff at any location. This is simply completed by pressing # number # to transfer the call. As the transfer is completed within the network your company will not incur the trombone or call transfers costs normally associated with transferring a call to a different location.

This service can be configured in two ways:

1. Call transfer direct (blind transfer) 

2. Call consultation before call transfer

Central Queue

This queue module co-ordinates and handles the inbound traffic for multiple answer locations so that the traffic is distributed fairly and independently of the number of locations. (The first vacant answer location will take the call).

Information Module

The information module gives your company the opportunity to play an announcement to the caller. For example “our opening hours are 0900 to 1700 Monday to Friday”. Subsequent to playing the announcement, the caller can be sent to an answer destination or the call can be terminated. The information module is often used in conjunction with the time routing module.

Load Sharing

This module distributes calls if your company has multiple locations. This makes it possible to keep one telephone number and at the same time have multiple offices handling your inbound calls.
This module makes it easy for your company to co-ordinate your sales activity for multiple locations. Load sharing prevents one or more offices or switchboards being overloaded with calls.

Local Queue (up to 5 in queue)

The queue module is inserted in front of an answer location. During intensive traffic periods a caller could be routed to a queue rather than hear the engaged tone. The caller would be held in a fair queue (i.e. first in, first out) and can listen to specific messages whilst queuing. Through implementing a queue in the telecommunications network, your company does not have to worry about the capacity of lines or queue places on the PBX (telephone system).


Your caller is met with a welcome menu designed specifically for your company. The menu is physically located in the telecommunication network and therefore does not require any lines or PABX functionality. The advantage of the menu module is that the caller easily reaches the appropriate person or function in the company that can answer his/her question.


By using the overflow module, a caller dialing into a location where all the lines are busy, will be diverted automatically to an alternative location. Overflow can also be set up if the call is not answered within a specific time period. The objective is that the caller is always connected to someone within your company thus maximizing your resources and customer satisfaction.

Special Routing

This module makes it possible to route a call to a specific function or person within your company or to a specific location based on user-defined criteria. The caller can provide criteria such as date of birth, account number, membership number etc. and be routed to the appropriate function, person or location. This is activated by taking this information from the caller and looking up this data in a database and routing the call appropriately.

Time Routing

The time routing module is based on routing calls based on time of day, weekday, holidays and customer specific dates. Inbound calls to a company are connected to specified locations depending on the time of the call. Time routing gives flexibility and full utilization of your company’s internal resources independent of weekday and time of day.

VIP – Routing

The VIP routing module makes it possible to check the callers’ phone number against a predefined list. Based on this list the solution will prioritise callers and give them special treatment e.g. jumping the queue. This list can also be used to blacklist, blocking callers that the company does not want to prioritise. These can be sent to a specific exit/terminating number.


Can be provided in the network also avoiding capital investment.

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